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Softer Feet in 1 Day!

All Dermatonics products are clinically proven to visibly improve dry skin in as little as one day.
Dermatonics Manuka Honey Heel Balm contains New Zealand Manuka Honey to hydrate skin in less than one day.

Treat Yourself.

Harness the healing power of Manuka Honey, Colloidal Oatmeal and other natural ingredients to gently nourish your skin back to health.
Dermatonics Soothing Foot Cream contains Colloidal Oatmeal and Urea to quickly hydrate dry skin.

Oatmeal and Urea.

Learn the benefits of Manuka Honey, Colloidal Oatmeal, and other natural ingredients that we use in all of our products.

Our All-Natural Skincare Line

Dermatonics Soothing Foot Cream with Colloidal Oatmeal and Manuka Honey for Dry Skin, Psoriasis, and Eczema

Finnish Oatmeal Soothing Foot Cream for Dry Skin

Our signature Soothing Foot Cream features Finnish oats to gently calm the skin and nourish it back to health. Oatmeal has been proven to keep skin healthy as well as relieve skin that is dry and itchy. Dermatonics Soothing Foot Cream works on all skin types to gently hydrate and soften skin. Simply applying Dermatonics to the skin can nourish skin and offer visible results in as little as one day.
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Dermatonics Hard Skin Removing Balm for the removal of hard skin and calluses.

Hard Skin Removing Balm for Calluses and Rough Skin

Dermatonics Hard Skin Removing Balm is ideal for those who want to reap the full benefits of 10% urea while also leaving their skin feeling and smelling fresh. Like all Dermatonics products, the Hard Skin Removing Balm is paraben and sulfate free and works on all types of dry skin. This product is great for those looking to relieve dry skin or remove unwanted hard skin such as calluses.
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Dermatonics Ultra-Cool Gel to cool aching feet and joints contains chestnut, arnica, and peppermint to quickly cool the body.

Ultra-Cool Foot Gel for Tired Feet

Our ultra-cool foot gel quickly offers relief for hot and tired legs while simultaneously reducing foot odor. Dermatonics is quickly absorbed to offer fast relief for tired legs and feet. Our unique formula contains only natural ingredients including chestnut, arnica, peppermint, and Manuka Honey and are always paraben free and sulfate free. Dermatonics Ultra-Cool Foot Gel is the perfect companion for a hot summer day.
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What Our Customers Say


I expected this product to be no better than the brands that I’ve tried in the past, but I was proved wrong. It’s very nice to apply, the consistency is just right - not at all claggy - and it absorbs well into the skin. You need only apply a small amount, so it’s quite economical too. It produces good results within a day or so, and I first noticed the effect when I was drying my feet after showering - my heels felt very soft, and didn’t drag on the towel.



I’ve had a job for over 30 years where I am on my feet sometimes 10 hour days . Never have I found something that works from the very first application! I really like this heel balm, it also works well on dry skin. The nice thing about this brand in particular is that it has a really nice scent.



Dermatonics Hard Skin Removing Balm is one of the best hard skin removing products I have used in a long time, therefore it is now a product I will be keeping a regular repeat order of it. I love the fresh clean fragrance as well as the quality of the balm. I love how easy it is to massage it into my feet as it dissolves in with a quick massage and there is no need for any covering of my feet after application. It left my feet feeling soft and silky smooth, the hard patches of skin were so easy to remove without causing damage to any of the skin surrounding the hard skin areas.


Money-Back Guarantee

We want you to feel confident in your purchase of Dermatonics. If after trying Dermatonics, you aren't completely satisfied, we would like to offer you a full refund with no questions asked.